TRAVEL: Festheads – Travel the World through Festivals

Festheads: Travel the World through Festivals LARGE WORLD FESTIVALS January: Snow & Ice Festival (Harbin, China) January: New Years Eve (Sydney Harbor, Australia) January: Up Helly Aa Fire Festival (Lerwick, Scotland) January: Wakakusa Yamayaki Burning of the Mountain: (Nara, Japan) January/February: Chinese New Year (China) January: Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah) February: Lantern Festival... Continue Reading →


Safe/Healthy Home: VOC’s

#VOC's Some VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are GOOD, Some VOC's are BAD for human health. How to Reduce VOC's in the Home (as much as possible) Use certain species of Indoor Plants. (See Post) Avoid Certain Plastics (See Below) Reduce glues, paints, pesticides, toxic chemicals, cleaning products (buy in small quantities that you will use soon)... Continue Reading →

Philanthropy & Causes: Click and Donate!

Philanthropy: Causes, Campaigns, Fundraising, Charities, Foundations - Click and Donate! American Heart Association American Cancer Society - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Emerson Collective - NOH8 - Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. The Trust for Public Land -... Continue Reading →

Health and the Microbiome

Health and the Microbiome According to a recent book I read called "The Human Superorganism: How the Microbiome is Revolutionizing the Pursuit of a Healthy Life," and various other sources, there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself against developing NCD's (Non-communicable diseases). There are also things you can do during... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Need to Eat More Of

10 Things You Need to Eat More Of (of course, in moderation and as health conditions permit.) - Not Ranked. Seaweed Kale Salad Greens Spinach Ginger Garlic Turmeric Berries Green Tea Dark Chocolate Other Great Foods For Health: Avocado Lemon Blueberries Walnuts Carrots Celery Fish Bean Sprouts Coffee Apples Olive Oil Japanese Diet: Japan (Country... Continue Reading →

Favorite Plants

Favorite Plants Succulents Sanseveria Bamboo Peace Lily Cacti Bonsai Umbrella Plant Aloe Yucca Tree Moss Zebra Plant Hawthornia Sage Dusty Miller Cherry Blossom Palm Tree Cherry Blossom Bonsai Juniper Gardenia Eucalyptus Tea Tree Mint Olive Tree Money Tree Orchid Bird of Paradise Lotus Water Lily Stargazer Lily Christmas Trees

Driving Around DFW

Driving Around DFW. Here's some places to check out without getting out of your car. Dallas Area: Uptown Downtown Arts District Highland Park Katy Trail/Turtle Creek Victory Park Prestonwood Knox/Henderson Greenville Deep Ellum Oaklawn OakCliff Farmers Market Bishop Arts District Design District Southside Hot Spots if you do decide you want to get out of... Continue Reading →

The Best Baby Products 2017

The Best Baby Products 2017 Must-Haves LUVS Diapers - They just hold all the yuck in pretty well. BabyBjorn Carrier & Products - The carrier saves my back. Bouncers - Best entertainment toy for sure. U-Pillow - Keeps babies sitting upright, which they like. Babyletto Crib & Coco Coir Okeo-Tex 100 Certified Organic Mattress -... Continue Reading →

10 Late Night Foodie Eats Around Dallas

10 Late Night Foodie Eats Around Dallas Are you scrounging Yelp for somewhere unique to eat during the wee hours of the morning when most everything has closed, say 2am-5am? Of course, there's always Fast Food, IHOP and Waffle House, but you're hangry for something different and you're way past your bedtime! Check out these... Continue Reading →

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