Testing Your Genetics

Testing Your Genetics Test Your Microbiome (free) Ubiome.com 23andMe AncestryDNA FamilyTree DNA Promethease (upload raw data to this site) Genes for Good https://genesforgood.sph.umich.edu Resources: This may be helpful in deciding which test to get http://www.legalgenealogist.com/2015/02/02/2015-most-bang-for-the-dna-buck/


Lists: What it Means to be 30

Lists: What it Means to be 30 Yoga & Sportswear Styles Wine, Craft Beers Artisan Craft Cheese, Meats, & Chocolate trays Babies and Baby Animals Reading Books You Wish You'd Read 10 Years Ago Probably Finishing a Degree Job Stability and Satisfaction Knowing What You Want in Life Your Makeup Routine is Down Making Time... Continue Reading →


#Happiness Consider these options on your road to Happiness. ūüôā Minimalism Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Reading, Writing, Learning Art Therapy Music Therapy Balance, Work/Life Balance Spas & Saunas, Massage Fulfilling Job Children, Pets Getting out in Nature, Going for Walks Playing a Sport or Instrument, Recreational Activities Learning to Love your Life Watching Funny and Great... Continue Reading →

Wines List

Wines List Low Sulfites & Preservatives (Bold = Faves, Strikethrough = Headaches, etc.): 2015 Gaspard Sauvignon Blanc by Jenny and Francois Selections - France¬†http://www.jennyandfrancois.com/wines-2/france/gaspard/ 2013 Tendu California Vermentino by¬†Steve Matthiasson (White) - California¬†http://www.klwines.com/Products/i?i=1150960 2016 Les Heritiers du compte Lafon Macon-Villages (Chardonnay) - France¬†https://www.wine-searcher.com/wine-51696-0001-domaine-des-heritiers-du-comte-lafon-macon-villages-burgundy-france 2016 Blonde by Andrea Calek - France¬†https://www.winetherapynyc.com/wines/Andrea-Calek-Andrea-Calek-Blonde-2016-w3191737ns 2015 Moric Super Natural Hausmarke... Continue Reading →

Dallas Sculptures You Should Find

Dallas Sculptures You Should Find The Eye at The Joule by Tony Tasset (Location: The Joule Hotel, Downtown) Big British Bowler Hat in Empty Lot by Keith Turman (Location: by Hotel Lorenzo) The Playboy Bunny by Richard Phillips (Location: Dallas Design District) Iconic Pegasus 1 (Original at Omni Hotel) & 2 (Top of Magnolia) Pegasus... Continue Reading →

Teaching Kids and Adolescents about Psychosocial Behaviors

Teaching Kids and Adolescents about Psychosocial Behaviors (Topics & Terms) Gaslighting Projecting Manipulation Clinging/Clinginess Hazing Emotion Regulation Diversion Tactics Misrepresentation Scapegoating Blanket Statements/Generalizations Nitpicking Moving Goal Posts Name-calling Covert and Overt Threats Changing the Subject/Evading Accountability Destructive Conditioning Smear Campaigns & Stalking Gossip Love-Bombing & Devaluation Pre-emptive Defense Triangulation Bait & Feign Innocence Boundary¬†Testing &... Continue Reading →

How To Make Your Home a Stress-Reducing Relaxing Oasis

How To Make Your Home a Stress-Reducing Relaxing Oasis Indoor Plants and Succulents, Living Wall Planters Voice Activated Music - Chill and Nature Playlists/Radio (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) Essential Oil Diffusers, Nebulizers, and Humidifiers SmartHome Devices/Products such as: Dyson Fan Heater, Nest Learning Thermostat SmartHome Lighting such as Philips Hue Air Cleaning Products such as: Coway,... Continue Reading →

Soothing Foods

Soothing Foods (My List) Milk mixed with Honey Tea (Chamomile, Lavender, Chai, etc) Warm Cinnamon Sugar Butter on Toast Grilled Cheese Chocolate (Especially unique craft chocolates) Edamame with Sea Salt Buttered Popcorn Oatmeal with Honey Banana, Peanut Butter, and Honey Sandwich Ice Cream, Yogurt, Shakes, & Smoothies Fondue Meat and Cheese Boards Olive Oil Hummus... Continue Reading →

Halloween Costumes for 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017 The Babadook "It" Clown American Horror Story Characters Monster High Characters (Monster High, "Cleo") Game of Thrones Characters (ex. White Walkers) Zodiac Animals (Twisted Zodiac Capricorn) Robot Cyborgs (Ghost in the Shell, Ex Machina, Blade Runner) Ancient Egyptian Mummy Bastet (The Mummy) Nun (American Horror Story) Sea Siren (Valerian) Reptar... Continue Reading →

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