Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Review

Spoilers Alert**

I watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D, which is the only way to watch movies if it is an option. It was absolutely nothing like the book. I mean they did have to crunch a ten minute read into an hour and a half so I guess it got kind of wacky, very fast. The book originally by Ron and Judi Barrett was definately a classic, one of my favorites. So I had to of course, I just had to see how this film would do justice to its much revered counterpart.

Of course you must visit the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs website though beware you will be stagnated to watch an umbrella taking a beating from baseball-sized meatballs for five seconds while the flash based website loads. You are forced to go at it’s pace.

Altogether it was an entertaining childrens feature. With the inventions of spray on shoes, hair unbalder, and the monkey thought translator, how could one such protagonist go wrong but with the invention of the “fldsmdfr,” a communication device that allows people to order what they want to eat. Nice so the food starts raining from the sky and all, like in the book… although the book never gave an explanation for how this phenomenoa occurs, the film pledges to do so.

It seems like almost all movies are good this day and age. Especially for children who are not as picky or insightful. This movie I would imagine takes hold a hulk-like grip on their attention span. It is colorful as a package of skittles exploded onto a lisa frank “rainbow chaser” wearing a technicolor dreamcoat. The food continues to grow larger and terrorize the city of Chewandswallow as the protagonist struggles with his fathers acceptance and pursuance of a love interest. The film holds all the components of a drama, action, and comedy film. I cant say what I thought about the food machine having a mechanism for “a mind of its own” and putting on an sophisticated “eagle eye” control/attack mode, although i do have a weakness for jello-mold sunsets.

Originally posted on: Thursday, October 1, 2009  8:57 PM

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