Fuck! Just because. Just because there’s no other appropriate word to begin this blog than with one of the most versatile words humanity has come to offer. And that should set the tone for this metasticizing beginning. A downward spiral, documented in euphemistic expletives, all the way to the end (but connecting at some other endless point as another beginning/infinite loop). Spiral up, spiral out, spiral down. My outward cry begins with a blank page! (And apparently a drive to keep going?)

Aethercosm? Hmmm…

Okay. Welcome.

So, shall we begin? Today is 8.8.2015. This may mark the beginning of a wonderous journey through the aether of my years, interests and musings categorized into quaint, tidy, internet spaces with the help of hashtags, of course. I am counting on this format to work for my needs as a serial blogger and general aesthete.

So lets talk about this “aethercosm” again. Try a quick “google” search into both root words “aether” and “cosm”, and you’ll probably find a few things of interest. Lets go basic here and just set it out raw with definitions.

Aether: The mythological origins are interesting. There are a few choice definitions but perhaps my intended, via Dictionary.com, defines as “the upper regions of space; the clear sky; the heavens.” Or, in Physics:a hypothetical substance supposed to occupy all space, postulated to account for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation through space.” Antiquated, maybe, but still somewhat captivating.

Cosm: Typically used in a combining form indicating the “world” or “universe”.

So here it all begins and extends hopefully for many years to come. Join me in this noxious undertaking where I hope to charm your socks off with my unique brand of insanity!

Signing off.


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