What a wonderful construction of a film to come of such a horrible permutation of the future. Its obvious where the elements of inspiration stem from. Video games become life, essentially. Gamer stars Gerard Butler, who’s rugged character implies masculinity and all that is man such that is mirrored in his star role in 300. Logan Lerman seems to serve as the poster child of an alternate future’s generation.

Users transpose themselves into accommodating vectors (willful participants) to release their hidden aggressions, as with Slayers or to satisfy their innermost perversions, as with Society.

The plot unravels as action sequences ensue. Simon (first person shooter FPS addict teenager) semi-controls Kable (death row inmate seeking freedom through the survival and thus completion of 30 deathmatches) to his advantages and disadvantages in effort to win, all for the entertainment of the public at large. Castles mind control technology (nanites) incorporates the facets of todays technology to leave us all with an unsettling cognizance of what may actually come of future scientific understanding and experimentation. Clever nanotechnology rears its head again in 21st century film-making.

Its the kind of film you can mix big names with no names because of the costume work and demand for wardrobes in insane style. Rave scene attire. Color indexes by the volume. Extras… just for looks. Heavy makeup and fast “hot body” shots clear the environment for a generic perspective of the game Society. I quote another person describing the sinful-natured game as “a modern day Sodom and Gommorrah and personification of The Sims.”

But I wont give it all away…

Original posting:  Friday, October 2, 2009 1:15 AM

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