Music From Another Room


Music From Another Room

I regret to inform you how this one begins. What better way to intro but with a clip of a child with his hand in a vagina within the first ten minutes of the film. But wait you have to know the scenerio! No use walking in on the middle of this one. Screaming prego is in labor and the doctors hands are “too big” to unwrap the cord around the unborns neck. So this is when a little five year old boy comes in handy.

Then this poor boy is destined to fall in love with this baby he delivered at the age of five, because that would be just the most romantic of romance film plots, wouldnt it?

The only way miss Tilly got away with playing a blind woman was because her eyes are dark, you could only see her “mind’s eye” trying to fool itself into seeing nothing but darkness and depressing, lonely emptiness. Amusingly, she learns how to ride a bike and fall in love too with someone nobody could fall in love with.

This movie was made for the lovers of Jude Law, but for me it was all about that Jeremy Piven hotness.

Originally posted on: Thursday, October 1, 2009 9:46 PM


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