Play out this scenario in your delineative noggin — a quaint vision to help you out, though it wont take much to throw you when the male protagonist suddenly sprouts a pair of “honey melons.” Well… imagine how shocked you would be if you found out your best friend was a zerophiliac? A zero-what? According to the film, who may have invented this term, a zerophiliac is a person who possesses a rare genetic condition called “zerophilia,” in which the host possesses an extra “Z” chromosome. The terms of this condition being that, following their first experience of sexual intercourse, they may change their gender whenever they are sexually aroused. I guess then the true challenge of this would be to find identical male and female actors. Notably, they did much better with this on the main character in retrospect to the other two zerophiliacs. Ideally, what I got from the film was a dual-awareness of the reciprocity/similarity between the sexes, the ability of the sexes to understand and complete one another, the internal struggle with masculinity/effeminacy, and sexual questions/frustration and confusion, synchronized with a normal, “chain of events” plot which I choose not to reveal lest you watch the film yourself. Put this wrench twist on an otherwise “boy meets girl” story makes me wonder how this film would have churned with a loaded, affluent hollywood budget. As the trio of gender mugwumps seek to discover their innate natures, the protagonist struggles with his will to remain male or become female, a choice others wouldn’t think twice about. Though he becomes female when he is aroused, his heart and arousal belongs to a love interest who turns out to also be a zerophiliac… therefore, in the end… our confused protagonist doesn’t really have to choose. This intimate relationship really scratches the ticket as the couple (lovers) experience intimacy as man with woman, man with man, and woman with woman intermittently as 4 individuals.

Originally posted on: Sunday, April 18, 2010 5:00 PM


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