Simple Travel 101

Simple Travel 101

  • Pack light and only take carry ons if possible. It sucks to wait on baggage claim so it’s best to take that one carry on and get creative with packing organization. Do you really need all of that stuff anyway? What can you just purchase once you get to your destination? Stay low-maintenance.
  • Airport food is expensive and usually not very good for the money. Just know this, though you’ll probably eat it anyway.
  • Be TSA-ready and it would be easier to register for the fast-pass option. Try not to buy so many silly little trinkets that are usually made in China anyways. Look for unique niche boutique shops that have local stuff you can’t get your hands on anywhere else. That’s the stuff that matters.
  • Put everything in Ziplock bags. Keep a toiletry bag stocked with sample-sized items in your suitcase (even during short term storage) so you’ll be “almost” ready to go with little else to pack (ex. leave a pair of earbuds in the external pouch).
  • Consider saving on hotel expenses by staying at a Bed & Breakfast or CouchSurfing (

Travel Checklist Pack

– Necessities!: clothes, wallet/money, phone, phone charger

– medications, vitamins, airborne

– toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bodywash, dry shampoo, hairspray, Qtips, tweezers, razors, mouthwash, fresh wet wipes, Febreze/odor eliminator, Shout towelettes or Tide sticks  (Helpful tip: these items can usually be purchased at your destination; decide if its worth the space.)

– ear buds, laptop/portable DVD player, power converter, chewing gum, book or magazine (for the ride)

– camera, camera charger, batteries (if your phone isn’t sufficient and you plan to take HQ shots)

– flat iron/curling iron

– (for costume/rave events) body lights, goggles, glow tape/sticks, masks, horns, promo flyers, wigs, jewelry, accessories



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