Life Hacks 101: Great Products

Life Hacks 101 Hub: Great Products

Get rid of fleas, ticks and bugs Washing your Dog – Dish Washing Soap: Buy BLUE Dawn. It’s cheaper and more effective than most Flea and Tick Dog Shampoos.


Mood lighting matters. Use inexpensive  LED strips to backlight areas. Forget wasting money on fixtures, lamps, and other lighting “solutions”. Philips Hue is a mainstream “smart home” solution.


Organization Hacks 101 Hub:

Get organized: with Container store bins (Like-it Modular Drawers), backpacks, and tubs. I’ve got books, backpacks, and a few bins stored under the bed (bed risers achieved this) and pretty much everything else is stored in bins in the closets, laundry room, and garage. Therefore, easy to find, easy to access, organized. Anything thats “out” is technically considered a decorative piece, functional furniture, or something of interest perhaps that represents our personalities or style.


Hollow Storage Faux Books make for good decorative accents that hide less sightly objects, materials, magazines, remotes or whatever else.


Storage furniture – Form + Function


Paperwork – Store paper documents and receipts digitally. Scan and shred everything. I’ve used the NEAT Receipts system.


Clear backpacks can be a good way to store categories of items you’d want to “pick up and go” such as camping gear or a bag of poolside necessities like sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.


Health Hacks 101 Hub:

Limit exposure to cancer-causing toxic chemicals in everyday products, shampoos, soaps, etc.


Reduce indoor air pollution, VOCs emissions, and sick building syndrome while improving air quality with air cleaning plants such as tested by the NASA Clean Air Study. HEPA filters and humidifiers can help too.


Allergies and Asthma: Best thing to do is avoid the sources/triggers and move to a healthier (less polluted and pollinated) environment. Certain cities and states are worse than others.

Cough and respiratory problems: You can try this along with traditional medicines and remedies for best effectiveness but I found diffusing essential oils (particularly Eucalyptus with lavender, peppermint or tea tree) in a essential oil diffuser/humidifier does excellent to shorten the duration and alleviate symptoms.


Emergen-C is my go-to multivite during sickness, colds, and flu. It really does seem to shorten the duration for me.


Mold and Pollution: Hard to get away from, but you can buy a Mold Testing Kit.

Hard Water: Showering with hard water can make your skin itchy and uncomfortable. Try the “Jonathan Shower Head Water Filter”


Eat healthy, exercise and relax, duh.


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