The Texas Experience:

Here are some things to do in Texas if you plan on visiting or live in Texas, consider these options with other ideas of things to do to prevent boredom. (Blog post in Progress)

  • Enjoy Fried everything while attending the State Fair (Lantern Festival) & Chinese Lantern Festival
  • Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Zero Gravity, iFly skydiving, Speedzone, Putt-Putt, Dave & Busters, Bowling at Alley Cats, Mall Arcades, theme parks
  • Visit local dog parks
  • Gun ranges
  • Paintball
  • Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Galleries, Historical Landmarks, Malls/Shopping Centers, Parks
  • During Halloween: Haunted Houses & costume shops
  • During Christmas, walk Interlochen neighborhood with diffraction glasses
  • Check out the Stockyards in Fort Worth, TX
  • Go to a country music concert or festival, or any other type music/arts festivals and events that go on throughout the year
  • Hub: Things To Do in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
  • During New Years: Lights All Night
  • Restaurants and Nightlife is always booming in select areas of town such as Trinity Groves, Deep Ellum, Uptown, Downtown, Bishop Arts District, etc.  (Please check out my blog entry on DFW Restaurants, Nightlife, and Shopping recommendations)

Outside of DFW

  • Float on the river in Gruene, TX
  • Rave on the beach in South Padre (look up events)
  • Visit any of the college campuses or attend a tailgate (UT & A&M most notably)

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