Findings on the Relationships between Indoor Plants and VOC Emissions/Reduction

Links to findings (Positive claims for removal of VOCs in Green, Negative claims for release of VOCs in Red):

Indoor Houseplants reduce VOC’s: According to some studies which claim specific Indoor Houseplants may reduce VOCs and Ozone, improving indoor air quality while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

NASA Clean Air Study“(*check out references)

A Study of Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement” – Wolverton

Indoor Plants Can Reduce Formaldehyde Levels” Referencing journal

Do Houseplants Release or Remove VOCs in the Air?”

Effectiveness of Houseplants in Reducing the Indoor Air Pollutant Ozone” (Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Golden Pothos)

“Formaldehyde in the Indoor Environment”

Some Articles that Disagree:

Mostly based on this study:

Volatile Organic Compounds Emanating from Indoor Ornamental Plants” (University of Georgia Department of Horticulture)

Indoor Plants to Consider (Articles/Blogs):

Infographic via:



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