Boredom, Goals, Bucket List

Goals help us keep our lives in order and perspective. They motivate us and planning can help us stay on track. The most successful people in this world set goals and often review them daily or frequently. It is important to see where you’re going and by the time you’ve reached so many of them, you will have already done so much well beyond what your former self might have expected. In the end, you can pat yourself on the back for a good job well done.

Making plans for the future has involved setting realistic goals and even a few that I might not ever get around to in this lifetime. I need to be able to see my goals and be reminded of them. I strive to keep them on the forefront of my mind, especially for when opportunities arise where I want to be prepared. I have already met many of my goals thus far. Mostly, work and school related goals. Also family goals, such as being supportive, loving, and engaging with my parents, sisters, extended family, spouse/life partner/husband, and baby. I got into a career where I could work 2-3 days/week with the rest of the week allocated to maintaining crafts/hobbies, and picking up extra shifts, a second job or entrepreneurial small business venture. This was a two-year goal that I met a few years ago. Now, most of my goals involve hobbies, though career goals are not off the table, I’d prefer to leave them for another post that focuses on career goals only. Also, leaving out habits such as laundry, brushing teeth, paying bills, feeding the dogs, and taking out the trash. Perhaps though, my list may inspire you, to create your own list of goals and a “bucket list.”

I may not get around to doing everything I wanted before I die but I’ll always have a boredom bucket list to inspire my life goals. I have achieved many of my life goals so far, but I hope to check off this list as I go along…

Daily Goals:

  • Work on Side Business
  • Exercise for 30mins – 1hr
  • Update/Post to Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Blog/Write: WordPress, Livejournal, Blogger
  • Read a Chapter: books, study textbooks, Audible, Reddit, News
  • Read and Delete/Eliminate a Note, Folder, or Emails
  • Study (Work on Career and School Goals)
  • Watch a Movie or TV Show

Weekly Goals:

  • Finish Reading a Book
  • Post to Other Social Media: Tumblr, Pintrest
  • Write a Paragraph each Week for Book
  • Create a Blogpost, Entry, or Article
  • Movie Night Fridays
  • Shop & Sell: Amazon, Etsy, Ebay
  • Life Planning
  • Blip Bands
  • Work on GarageBand
  • Email Family Members
  • Take Dogs on Walk or to Dog Park

Monthly Goals, Tasks, Reminders:

  • Invite Friends to an Event or Host Monthly Event
  • Backup Blogs and Computer (Automatic)
  • Create an Art Piece or Fractals
  • Scan and Shred Paperwork, Mail, Receipts
  • Clean up Bookmarks and Clear History/Cookies
  • Sync Phone to Computer
  • Delete Emails, Clear out Inbox
  • Write a Chapter
  • Create a Blog Entry
  • Create a Meme, Poem, Status, Entry, Email
  • Finish Reading a Book
  • Login to Clean up extinct accounts (livejournal, myspace, yahoo mail, email accounts)
  • Upload YouTube and Vine Videos
  • Upload pics to FB, Flickr, imgur
  • Maintain accounts: FB, Tumblr, Flickr, WordPress, Blogspot, Deviantart, Youtube, Wishlistr, Livejournal, Myspace, LinkedIn, Shutterfly/CVS
  • Teach a CPR Class One Designated Day a Week
  • Practice Cutting and Dyeing my Own Hair
  • Learn another Self-Sustaining Skill

Yearly Goals:

  • Edit Videos
  • Clean Up and Delete Yahoo Emails, other Email Accounts, Old Accounts
  • Upload Pics to FB, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, imgur
  • Upkeep Social Media Pages, Sites, and Blogs
  • October: Halloween Haunted House and Annual Party

Project Goals, Long Term, Continuous:

Project Goals:

  • Write or Co-Author a Book (novel or short stories)
  • Write a Children’s Book
  • Make an Adult Coloring Book
  • Make a Short Film to Enter into Film Festival
  • Make a Stop-Motion or Claymation Indie Short
  • Make an Art Piece to Showcase at an Art Show/Gallery
  • Make a Puppet Show
  • Poi Spinning (or Other Flow Toys) Performance Art
  • RC Community Project
  • Balloon Rocket Launch Project
  • Build a Small Lake Boat/Canoe Project
  • Make a Flipbook Printer Flipbook
  • Make Fractals
  • Make Magic Eye Stereograms
  • Make Webcomics/Comics
  • Make a Storyboard
  • Make Holograms
  • Write Song Lyrics
  • Write Poetry
  • Publish Poetry
  • Start a Kickstarter Campaign
  • Create a Yearbook
  • Create Vision Boards
  • Build a Portfolio (Artwork/Photography)
  • Make Playlists (Grooveshark,,
  • Computer consolidation
  • Film Project
  • Music Project
  • Teach a Makerspace Class
  • Make Vision Boards
  • Script Writing: Write a Script about…
  • Write a Children’s Book
  • Youtube Live Painting
  • Become a Wikipedia Contributor
  • Learn Origami
  • Learn Poi Spinning
  • Learn Apophysis, Fractal Software, Premier, Adobe Suite, 3D Animation, Photo Manipulation Software, Digital Graphic Design, New Media Art Softwares, Computer Design Digital Animation
  • Make an Artwork Tutorial or How-To Video
  • Make Latex Prosthetic and Clay Artworks, Mold Casting and Latex Masks
  • Make Mixed Media Toy Sculptures
  • Finish Software Tutorials
  • Create Photography, Videography, Drawing and 3D Portfolio
  • Learn Laser Cut Techniques and 3D Printing
  • Create 3D Animated or Claymation, Stop Motion Short Film for Sundance, Indie Short Film and Film Portfolio
  • Make Shadowbox Art Pieces
  • Take a Glassblowing Class
  • Make a Creepy or Silly Website
  • Foster a Pen-Pal Friendship
  • Learn Keyboard,  Synth, Instrument, Make Music or Start a Band, Learn MIDI Synth or Bass, Compose Electronic Music, Make or Contribute to a Music Album
  • Create Own Font
  • Professional Photoshoots
  • Maintain Blogs; Create Portfolio Website
  • Participate in Discussion Forums, Answer in Help Forums
  • Leave Fortunes
  • Learn a New Language
  • Develop a New Code Language (between friends)
  • Scrapbooking (MP-46 – photo album – Scrapbook Refills (46-BPR Album Pages)
  • Learn instruments/keyboard & make music and an album
  • Small business (crafting, artwork, halloween prosthetics)
  • Upload movie clips to networks
  • Participate in a Study
  • Photograph like Peter Lik
  • Write a paragraph each day in book blog project
  • Learn How to Sew
  • Learn Card Tricks, Magic Tricks, and Card games
  • DJ or band event coordinator
  • Learn dreamweaver, photoshop, digital animation, illustrater, painter, ultrafractal, reason, fruityloops and Adobe softwares
  • Write/Record a song (Reason) –> make an album
  • Make a Successful Webstore
  • Run a Blog
  • Start a Webcomic
  • Animal Breeding Hobby (dogs, reptiles)
  • Career Continuing Education Modules and Courses
  • Find More Ways to Generate Income


  • Make 3D Shadowbox Collages
  • Make a Coaster Set
  • Make a Collage Serving Tray
  • Make a Professional Kaleidoscope
  • Make a Wacky Candy Bowl or Tip Jar
  • Make/Decorate an Indoor Mailbox
  • Make a Faux Indoor Storage Tree
  • Make a Family Crest or Family Flag

Exercise Goals:

  • Treadmill (Gym)
  • Poi Spinning, Glow Sticking-Stringing
  • Exercise (Hula) Hooping
  • Yoga or Some Other Sport/Activity
  • Jump Rope
  • Stairs/Steps Steps
  • Exercise 4 miles/day or 40 minutes/day

Event Goals:

  • 5k Runs
  • Music Concerts and Raves
  • Foam Parties
  • Conventions & Renaissance Faires
  • Costuming at Events

January Goals:

  • Send out New Years Cards
  • Dump Phone: Sync Photos to Computer
  • New Years Parties – Lights All Night
  • New Years Resolution Post
  • Car Inspection, Oil change, Maintenance
  • Renew Certifications
  • Maintain CE Credits
  • Finish Yearly Scrapbooks
  • Clean Email Inboxes (gmail, yahoo, etc.)
  • Make Yearly Mixbook/Scrapbook

Bucket List:

  • Travel to Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Switzerland, Iceland, Greenland, Thailand, Netherlands, Sweden, England/UK/France, Italy, Washington DC, Halifax, Liverpool, New Orleans, UK, India, Galapagos Islands, Australia, Dead Sea (salt cubes), Maldives, Cebu, Galapagos, etc.
  • Skydiving or Similar Activity
  • Launch an Art Gallery or Kitsch Boutique Shop in Bishop Arts, Deep Ellum, Uptown or Downtown.

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