I Wish Somebody Would Invent…

You know what they say “Great Minds Think Alike”

Here were some invention ideas that I wish somebody would make. Maybe you’ve thought of it too?

  • Healthy Fast Food Chain Restaurants
  • Soapy Water Shower Head Attachment
  • Pop-out Geodesic Room
  • God Versus Satan Video Game
  • Politicians (Left Versus Right) Video Game
  • 24 Hour Daycare
  • Ceiling Train
  • Touch Temple Camera
  • Telescoping, Retracting Bag Dog Poop Scooper Claw
  • Baby Swaddle with Pacifier Hands
  • Wallet Phone Case
  • App that Allows Guest Account for Phone
  • Blacklight Club/Bar
  • Consumer Grade Flat Recessed Shower Jet Heads
  • Virtual Reality Program/Software that Heals Mental Complexes (Illness)
  • Automatic Tattoo Machine (3D Printer) -(load digitalized design, lasers monitor body part contours, multiple needles ) 

  • Inflatable/Deflatable Airplane Neck Pillows
  • Combined Washer/Dryer
  • Dish washing sink: Dirty dishes can be left in the sink. Pull sink cover down to wash. Finished dishes slide over to the left and done indicator light turns on or says done. Lazy susan wheel track system.
  • New voting system: Voters vote for representatives of parties but representatives are elected in based on question-based answers. Voters elect on issues instead of people and the overwhelming majority for each issue will determine who correspondingly ends up in charge.

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