Festival/Event Checklist

Rave and Festival Checklist (Must-Haves):

  • Tickets, Money, ID… (of course)
  • Costume/Outfit, Fur Legwarmers (Fluffies)
  • EL Wire or EL Tape
  • Flow Toys (Poi Spinners, Orbits, LED Gloves, Diffraction Goggles/Glasses/Monocles, Toroflux, LED Hoop, Wings, etc.) – http://www.glofx.com
  • Camelbak, (clear) Mini bag/backpack, Waist Pack
  • Camelbak or refillable water container (for hydration)
  • Totem
  • Promoter Gear
  • Snacks and Flasks
  • Kandi
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone leash, lanyard, waterproof phone enclosure

Costume Checklist/Ideas:

  • Superglue or Eyelash Glue (for body jewels & mods)
  • Light Up LED glow Shoes or Stack Platform Boots
  • Kandi Masks, (clipped to wig)
  • Tattoo Sleeves
  • Huge Carry Bag or Suitcase (to pack rave accessories if you’re getting ready at another location before the event)
  • Hats: Furry Hat, Fur Hood or Trippy Lid
  • Goggles, Glasses or Visors
  • Furry Pants, Legwarmers, Skirts, Jackets, Vests, etc.
  • Bejeweled bras & corsets
  • Holographic Accessories
  • Glowing, EL, & Fiber Optic Accessories or Dress Pieces
  • Halloween Costumes: ex. college Banana suit
  • Spirit Animal Fur Hoods (with zipper pockets)
  • Hair clips, horns, satyr horns, antennae, antlers, elf ears
  • Wig, wig cap, hair band, clip mask to wig
  • Bobby pins, safety pins, super glue, tissue paper, face/body wipes, rubber bands, razors, tweezers, scissors, clamping tool, hot glue/gun
  • Stack Platform Boots & Fluffy fur leg warmers or Fur Pants
  • Bling face and body stickers/jewels
  • Glitter
  • ETC.

Costume Craft Accessories:

  • Mold Casting (Oomoo)
  • Fishing wire
  • Drawstring Anchors
  • Hair ties, clips, pins
  • Pony beads, perler beads
  • Feathers & Fur


  • Master flow toy skills
  • PLUR Handshake
  • Prepare Promo Gifts
  • Assemble Kandi and Perler Accessories

Don’t forget to bring good vibes and PLUR!


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