Mac Vs. PC


Mac Vs. PC

A few years ago, my parents bought me an Apple MacBook Pro for college and chose the model under the advisement of my now husband, currently an Information Technology & Computing enthusiast and Data Analyst professionally.

I had grown up using PC’s and didn’t give much thought to the platform until I was introduced to the wonderful world of Apple and the immersive experience their products provide. My first experience with a Mac laptop was not very pleasant and I had pretty much just used it to watch movies on until I went back to Windows PC’s. I began working at a nearby Best Buy, then on to a Fry’s Electronics and began exploring more of the technology world, becoming more educated on consumer options within the respective departments I pursued commissioned sales. I was content with my technology and at the time I had owned a few Helio phones that I adored, particularly the slider designs – I was “so over” the flip phone frenzy! My slider phone had T9 texting and I’d never planned on owning a Blackberry. Then I met this man determined to put an iPhone in my hand and that he did. The iPhone was my first smartphone and instantly I became more productive than ever. But less about my iPhone and more about my MacBook Pro, which has undoubtedly changed my lifestyle in all the best ways possible offered by the computing realm. There are plenty of blogs out on the Internet explaining the pros and cons of Macs versus PC’s and I won’t go into the details, but I just want to say a few things from personal experience. *Note: I am not endorsing Apple products; I would just like to share my experience through my experiences with both Macs and PC’s.

  • As a Mac user, I’ve dealt with less computer viruses (etc.), crashes, and I’ve not needed to replace my computers as often.
  • I prefer the quality of design features and interface layout over most other types of computers and operating systems.
  • I’ve observed more seamless integration of all my devices (without bugs, etc.)
  • Once familiarized with the platform, finding functions is rather intuitive (they must have good User Experience (UX) Designers ;-).
  • Upgrades and updates are often a little bit “ahead of the game.”
  • More apps that I like and maybe more in general.
  • I’ve gotten better at organizing my computer with apps such as the “Photos” App.
  • Love the keynotes, the leaders, the technology and design.

With all that being said, I own both Macs and PC’s for a few very important reasons. Much of the professional world runs on PC softwares and older softwares that are just not compatible with Mac. Currently, Mac devices don’t support a browser required by a web software that I have to use for work, for example. Altogether though, Mac has been more of a win for me, mostly due to the previous bullet points mentioned above. Mac Versus PC? Choose what works for you best in your own experience, but give each a fair try.


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